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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  June 18, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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this man is under arrest tonight charged with taking advantage of children he was supposed to help. good evening i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. we're learning about some disturbing accusations of molestation involving vulnerable children. a san jose man is behind bars charged with four counts of sexual abuse. matt keller live in the south bay and tells us prosecutors suspect there are even more victims out there >> reporter: the district attorney's office says joaquin
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bailey targeted children. the investigation started at the ming quong family first facility. a young woman claimed bailey molested her. he was a staff member that cared for children suffering from emotional trauma. >> since 2007 he has been repeatedly molesting children. >> reporter: bailey also worked simultaneously at a facility for developmentally disabled. he sexually assaulted an 18- year-old developmentally disabled student in august last year two months after the los gatos investigation began. prosecutors also investigated molestation allegations back in 2009 at emq against bailey. no charges were filed at the time, and bailey was allowed to continue to work there. >> why would a facility that allows him access to vulnerable
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people why would they allow him to continue to work there? >> that's an excellent question and one shrub asked should be asked of the facility. >> reporter: the emq said we are and cooperating with the authority in this investigation. prosecutors say more victims are out there. >> we're just hoping that victims have the courage to share what's happened to them. >> reporter: bailey is scheduled for arraignment tomorrow. if convicted he faces 53 years to life in prison. reporting live in san jose matt keller ktvu channel 2 news. ate bicyclist is recovering after she fell 75 feet down a steep ravine in marin counties. a helicopter was called to rescue the woman who had fell off the bayview trail. she was mountain biking with her husband when she crashed and fell. firefighters credit the gps on the husband's phone with helping them find the couple. fire officials say the woman suffered minor to moderate
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injuries. an investigation is underway tonight after a worker was run over by a large bulldozer at the alameda county landfill in san leandro. the accident happened around 3:00 this afternoon at the davis street transfer station. a spokesman for the garbage company waste management says the woman was working traffic control when she was run over. the company says she remains hospitalized tonight in stable condition. osha is investigating. young people rallying for a badly injured friend. the victim a hit-and-run driver this past weekend. friends of 22-year-old joshua valdez got together this evening in morgan hill. the young man was critically injured in a hit-and-run about 1:00 in the morning on saturday. his friends were offering prayers for his recovery and trying to raise money for his medical care. they call it prayers for josh. >> been here for every single one of us. >> it's affecting all of us here. we love him so much we're praying he gets better. >> one friend says valdez last
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regained full brain function but is still in pretty bad shape. paramedics say he had a number of internal injuries. morgan hill police are still looking for the hit-and-run driver. in 13 minutes two fathers killed in boating accident over the father's day weekend. the 17 children they leave behind. now to the east bay where taxi drivers are on strike refusing to pick up fares at the oakland airport. two hundred can hes are involved in the job action. the drivers say they are losing business to shuttles and they are being discriminated against. >> reporter: they do. and this is day one of a two day strike. if you take a look at the taxi line behind us you can see it is not nearly all taxis it's actually mostly shuttles. instead of picking up passengers curbside the associated taxi drivers of oakland international airport staged a at mlk park a few
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minutes away in protest. holding signs spelling out some of their grievances, they demanded an end to what they call unfair treatment excessive fines and discipline and a bias toward shuttle operators. >> we've been dealing with them with the airport for so long. it never come to any conclusion to solve our problem. the taxi driver doesn't have nothing. if the taxi drivers say something they will suspend the driver. >> reporter: many travelers didn't know about the strike until they got to the taxi stand. >> surprised yeah just coming home and a short line and figured something was up. >> super surprised. i have no idea what it's about. >> reporter: airport officials tell us they arranged for additional shuttles and nonpermanent cabbies to fill the demand and there were no unusual delays. >> they are going to miss a great tip that's all. >> reporter: oakland airport cabbies typically pick up four
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or five fares a shift will be back on strike tomorrow. we're live at oakland international airport. carol l ktvu channel 2 news. a stolen iphone led police to a home where they discovered stolen electronics drugs and also some high powered weapons. today police showed off some of what they confiscated from the home on aileen street. two handguns with high capacity magazines a knock-off uzi and a civilian version of the m16 complete with a drum that can hold 100 rounds. police also found a large marijuana growing operation at the house and a suspect. >> the individual who was in possession of these firearms his a very lengthy criminal history. >> police say the investigation started last thursday when an armed robber stole an iphone and leads in the case eventually led them to that home in west oakland. an autopsy was formed on rod any king whose beating in
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1991 by los angeles police sparked one of the nation's worst race riots. the core floor in san bernardino county says they are awaiting toxicology reports so it could be weeks' they determine a cause of he death. king was found at the bottom of his backyard swimming pool early yesterday morning by his fiance'. police confiscated marijuana plants a wood handle pitchfork and hoe as part of their investigation. investigators are looking into a report by king's next-door neighbor who said she heard king sobbing uncontrollably shortly before she heard a splash rodney king was 47 years old. a badly injured asian woman at san francisco general hospital has finally been identified. for nearly 10 days the woman was simply known as jane doe. her family came forward after hospital officials released a photo of the woman last week. the family is asking that her name be withheld. the older woman was hit by a car as she was crossing vanness
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avenue avenue. mayor ed lee raised the rainbow flag outside the city hall office marking the start of festivities. the man who created the first rainbow flag is among those being honored. >> reporter: at 5:00 a rainbow appeared above the steps of city hall. the colors of gay pride. flying out in the open. inside about 100 people gathered for a ceremony and reception. >> this year's theme, global equality. >> reporter: mayor ed lee presented this year's lifetime achievement award to former mayor willie brown and presented certificates to community leaders. >> 1978 was the moment for us to have a flag. we were as i say a global tribe, and he we are a global power. so a flag is a way of proclaiming power and visibility. >> reporter: now those rainbow colors are gaining new
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visibility along with red white and blue. this week for the first time in history the u. s. military will celebrate in the pentagon. one veteran today in tears says it's a miracle. >> when i was in the military we had to hide out. we didn't have any freedom and people would treat us like criminals. >> reporter: this year as san francisco prepares for the celebration many say they are also hopeful that the battle over gay marriage finally will be decided in the supreme court. on sunday here at city hall cirque du soleil will perform at a vip party and the parade will start with a tribute for veterans for the repeal of don't ask don't tell. more details now sunday's big parade begins at market and beal streets. it goes up market and finishes at civic center plaza and as
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always dykes on bikes will lead the parade 10:30 sunday morning. other events a trans march. it is the largest transgender pride event in the world. the pink triangle installation happened saturday morning at twin peaks. the symbol is meant to remind people the obstacles the lg b t community has overcome and dike march saturday evening at dolores park. roger clemens cleared of all charges. what he said. temperatures are on the increase even though there's a lot of fog returning tonight. i'll let you know how warm it's going to be for your tuesday. he loved us all he was there for us all. >> 17 children now
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. a jury in washington d. c. today acquitted former baseball star pitcher roger clemens of all charges he was accused of lying to congress when he testified he never used performance enhancing drugs. >> i put a lot of hard work into that career, and so again, i appreciate my teammates that came in and all the e-mails and phone calls. >> the prosecution's key witness was roger clemens former strength coach who said
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he personally injected clemens. clemens defense team attacked the credibility and integrity of brian mcnamee national' and prosecutors admitted he was a flawed man. the investigation of roger clemens is the second major failure by federal prosecutors to prove steroid abuse in major league baseball. barry bonds trial was also seen as a failure with the government getting just one conviction for obstruction of justice. ken wang talked with one of bond's former attorneys. >> reporter: even millionaires like roger clemens anbar he bonds don't have the legal resources to behalf the power of the federal government. still the government suffered yet another defeat in its effort to prove illicit drug use in major league baseball. michael rains represented barry bonds. he says the clemens case mirrored the one against bonds saying the feds were driven by he's go. >> they loved the public attention of it all and for that the taxpayers paid
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millions of dollars. >> it was a horrific waste of money. >> come on now it's not going to be the first time someone's lied under oath he. >> reporter: that's the reaction of some fans believe bonds clemens maguire and others were on the juice when they splashed records with power and speed. >> even though bonds and clemens can say they have never been convicted of using steroids in a court of law prosecutors may have won in the court of public opinion. >> they had smeared him they had scarred him and that is really irreparable, and even in light of an acquittal i think roger clemens is going to be scarred. >> reporter: still rains believes clemens acquittal could send a message to the feds. >> unless we see some instance in the future of some egregious police conduct that can be easily proven yard, i don't think we're going to see much of this in the future. >> reporter: clemens maim will
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appear on the hall of fame ballot for the first time this fall. a 7 time cy young winner would be considered a shoe in. not this year. forbes released its list of highest paid athletes the plan at the top is currently be in jail on domestic battery charges. he is boxer floyd mayweather who earned $85 million for two fights last year. another boxer man he pacquiao ranked 2nd with $62 million. tiger woods came in 3rd he made 59 million and lebron james of the miami heat was fourth. he earned $53 million. parents have set up an occupy camp at lake view elementary school in oakland to reopen the school. the parents rallied to reverse the decision to close lake view and four other schools. >> they were personally shut down last friday. it will save $2 million a year and it plans to use lake view for administration offices. a judge in contra costa
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county says he'll have a decision by wednesday involving the senior prank at heritage high school in brentwood. 51 students were suspended and banned from graduation ceremonies. school officials say the disciplinary action came after the students tied a lamb to a post and ran around campus with wash able paints on their feed a week before commence many ceremony. a judge will decide if he will intervene in the discipline. parents say some school administrators went too far. it was a mixed day for the stock markets. do you lost 25 points while the nasdaq was up 22. investors apparently weren't convince thad the greek debt crisis is over yet even following this weekend's election. after only 8 months on the job. a top executive at j. dr. penny is leaving. michael francis was brought in to redefine profits. j.c. penney lost $163 million. no specific reason was given for francis leaving the company. he was hands picked by penny's
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ceo ron johnson who will now take over direct responsibility and oversight of the company's marketing and merchandising functions. tonight at 10:30 an expanded investigation into several toyota models. the complaints of fire and which vehicles are included. a santa clara county judge sentenced a hit-and-run driver today to 3 years in prison an took away his driver's license permanently. prosecutors say in april of 2009 robert sure 0 drove into a bike lane on highway 9 in saratoga hitting ashley nelson. the accident left nelson with permanent brain damage and significant vision damage. at the time of the accident he was on probation for a drunk driving conviction and his license had been suspended. boating accident left two best friends described as loving fathers dead over the father's day weekend. rita williams introduces us to the 17 children those men left behind. >> reporter: at 19, he's the
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oldest. >> i miss my dad i love him very much. >> reporter: just 10 months old she's the youngest. in between 6 more children. that makes 8 in all left father less. when divers pulled the lifeless body of johnny johnson out of the delta waters this weekend. >> they gave us his phone and his fishing knife. >> reporter: johnson, 37 and the man he called his brother 41-year-old ace pittman died when pittman's 12-foot long aluminum fishing boat capsized near stockton saturday. authorities say neither man nor another look survived had on life jackets. >> i'm still waiting to see him come through the door. >> reporter: compounding the tragedy ace pittman had 9 children of his own from 3 to
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24 years old. >> he loved us all. he was there for us all. >> just trying to stay strong for my dad that's how i know he want me to be. >> reporter: left behind an unsigned father's day card for a man who liked to fish any day that ends in a y. in a way that's helping both families cope. >> they both died for something they loved with somebody they love. >> reporter: rita williams ktvu channel 2 news. welcome pack. we've got some fog out there. south of half moon bay but the fog is going to fill in again tonight. it's clear at ocean beach and bodega bay. the fog is coming back. overnight lows in the 50s. when you wake up tomorrow morning there will be a lot of low cloud and fog and cooler temperatures or lore temperatures p and a higher humidity which is great for
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firefighters and fire danger. as we go into tomorrow morning there's that fog i'm talking about. the computer model lines up at 6:00 a.m. and fills in at stenson beach ocean beach south to half moon bay into santa cruz. that's how it goes in the morning. the fog goes away again tomorrow afternoon like it did this afternoon late. temperatures tomorrow those are 90s but look where they are. that's the central valley. most of our temperatures tomorrow 70s and 80s we might see a low 90 out towards antioch. i'm back at 10:45 we'll take a look at your forecast for tuesday see you back here. it's big, it's bad and it really smells. but even so it's drawing a crowd. it's the so-called corpse flour and it's blooming right now at the uc davis botanical conservatory. the flour is said to smell like rotting flesh. both anists say the smell is to attract flies to help the plants reproduce. judging by the swished up noses it's clear the smell was pretty strong however the bloom is only expected to last through this evening. a burglary caught on
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camera. the video captured by one bay area homeowner and the mess left behind by the burglar. plus firefighters using small tools to practice look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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♪ [ transforming sounds ] [ male announcer ] transformers. the ride. ride it at universal studios hollywood. . a small brushfire caused traffic issues on interstate 280 in palo alto this afternoon palo alto firefighters quickly contained it but the highway patrol closed two northbound lanes. traffic backed up for about a mile. in the santa cruz mountains firefighters spent part of the day learning how to deal with large fires by using some very small tools. firefighters with cal fire used a sand table as part of their training today. instructors say by using the palestinian thursday fire crews can learn to work with better crews that are out of sight.
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it included targeted helicopter water drops. training is set to continue to two more days. we have some video of a burglary as it was happening in the month claire neighborhood of oakland. >> not just what they took but also what they did to the home afterwards. >> reporter: it sounds like a friendly knock but it was not. >> any of us could have been home. what then. >> reporter: kevin turbine and his family were away friday night when a surveillance camera above his front door caught there. two men and a woman on his porch they knocked twice and once satisfied no one was home one man smashed in the front door. they not only stole computes. >> all of our food, our microwave our toaster oven. >> reporter: in this these photos they ransacked his home they emptied a bottle of bleach and damaged even more. >> every single cord in the
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house cut. the telephone cords cut everything. but the one cord he didn't cut was the camera cable. he didn't cut that. >> reporter: which left the video for john to see and e- mail to others in his neighborhood watch group. he says there have been a disturbing number of burglaries recently in the month claire district. >> this scenario is someone knocks on the door and then if they don't hear an answer the doors are kicked in. >> reporter: the hope is that someone will recognize faces in this grainy video and that more neighbors like kevin will install cameras. >> i've always had one because you'd be a placed what goes on when you're not at home. >> reporter: oakland police are investigating this case and actually in the past month burglaries are down here in the month claire district. they credit increased patrols, arrests and more aware neighborss who are using alarms and video cameras. in oakland kin p can ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco police are confirming what you may have suspected a man who interrupted the televised interview with the winner of the u. s. open
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golf championship yesterday had been drinking. officer detained 40 year-old an did you james dudley of the united kingdom after he popped up in front of a tv camera and started making bird noises he was taken to the drunk tank at the local precinct and was eventually released. dudley is apparently a defor station activist who uses the name jungle bird. he's not facing any charges for what happened. , more than a million vehicles, the latest safety problem being probed by toyota and why drivers may want to carry a hammer for now. we have an epidemic of graffiti. >> from parks to the city
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. new at 10:00 tonight the soaring cost of cleaning up graffiti in san francisco. it tops $20 million a year. tonight a call for police and the mayor to do employer. heather holmes is live at dolores park to tell us what a supervisor plans to ask the mayor tomorrow. >> reporter: supervisor anthony weiner he will ask the mayor to get tough on vandals like those who struck here several times. there is even employer graffiti on that utility box in the median. the supervisor is fed up. just feets from where a father and son play chase, the work of vandals is visible. graffiti at the new play area at dubose park which opened just last month. >> to those of us who work very hard to get these parks improved it's very frustrating. >> reporter: both recently convenient rated did you boss and dolores park and scott winier's district were were vandalized days after opening.
12:00 am
historic lamp posts smashed red spray paint across the restrooms and palm trees cuts. >> i think there's a perception in san francisco when you do graffiti there are few or no consequences. we need to send the message there are consequences. >> reporter: weiner wants police and district attorney office's to be more aggressive in vandalism cases. >> officers are doing a lot of the arrests they are document can a lot of the graffiti. >> reporter: mayor lee told us the real problem punishing vandals lies in the court. >> it's got to be our judicial system that cracks down on there. >> reporter: the player says judges often throw out graffiti cases. >> it's taken us 2,000 hours to clean it's up. >> reporter: all the more frustrateing for the city's recognize and parks department which this year has already spent more than $150,000 on clean up. >> that's probably two gardners or two recreation staff. >> reporter: you're looking right now at the agenda for tomorrow's board of supervisor's meeting and right here on page 5 this is the supervisor's question for the
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mayor in which he pleads with him to help insure that the perpetrators are punished. reporting live in san francisco heather holmes ktvu channel 2 news. also in san francisco homicide detectives are looking for help solving the death of stephen erices scalade. the 28-year-old plan was found dead in his diamond heights home last week. police say he may have been killed by a burglar. so now they are looking for witnesses who may have seen someone carrying electronics in the 5,000 block of diamond heights boulevard back on june 12th. republican presidential nominee mitt romney is on a tour of midwestern states that voted for president obama in the last election. one stop was wisconsin. >> i think president obama had just put this in his column he assumed from the very beginning wisconsin was going to be his. but you know what, we're going to win wisconsin and we're going to get the white house. >> romney advisemented a fabric company and part of wisconsin that was once a major manufacturing hub.
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he talked about the jobs loss during the obama administration and challenging times for many americans. president obama meantime is in mexico for the summit of the world's largest economys the g-20. this was also president obama's first chance for a face-to-facac meeting with vladimir putin since he became russia's president again. the two leaders talked about syria but failed to reach an agreement. syria is russia's plain ally in the middle east and mr. putin refuses to call for the ouster of its leader. microsoft unveiled its first ever computer a new tablet aimed at competing with apple's ipads. >> there is a commercial for what microsoft is calling the surface. microsoft says it will only be a half inch thick with 10.6- inch display and will be priced column marble bring with other pads on the markets. facebook has settled a lawsuit over some of its advertisements for $10 million. an undisclosed charity will be
12:03 am
the beneficiary. five facebook members had sued saying their names and images were used in what facebook calls their sponsored story adds without their consent. investors apparently like the deal. facebook stock rose more than 4% today closing up a dollar 40 at 31.41 per share. tonight at 10:45 the massive computer being called the world's fastest and what it's used for right here in the bay area. a major recall could soon be announced involving 1.4 million toyota vehicles. consumer editor tom b tells us the issue involves fire had hazard in the window switches. >> reporter: it includes 800,000 toyota cameras. 07 rav4 the 07 to 09 yaris and the 08 highlander hybrid. >> niece one of these investigation are a safety recall they are investigations.
12:04 am
>> reporter: but they are now investigations called engineering analysis. >> that's the last stage of an investigation that means they are very near to ordering a recall. >> reporter: toyota power window switch failures leading to fires have happened only a few times but the national highway traffic safety administration didn't like what it saw. >> they will send us information request and we give them all the information that they have asked for. >> reporter: according to the ralph nader affiliated center for auto safety the consequences can be severe. >> worst case scenario it shorts starts an interior vehicle fire and the door itself because of the electronics will lock-up. >> they have 32 complaints and one report of an injury and at this point that injury would be unconfirmed. >> so i'd suggest toyota owners put a hammer in their car in case the window seizes and they can't get out of the car. >> reporter: experts say the real ma'am hammer a recall
12:05 am
could come as early as next month. tom b ktvu channel 2 news. st. mary's college says its president is stepping down. brother ronald gallagher plans to return to teaching next year. he was appointed president back in 2005. on campus he's known as brother ron and has taught irish literature and was chairman of the english and drama department. st. marys is searching for his replacement. it is a popular app for cyclists it has the apps producers answering to a allow suit. tomorrow could be the warmest day of the week. i'll let you know how warm it's going to be if. in 8 minutes a san
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. that massive wildfire burning in colorado has destroyed 8 more homes bringing the total destroyed to 189. the fire is burning outside ft. collins. it was started by lightning 9 days ago. firefighters have been dealing with 90-degree temperatures, low humidity and wind gusts of up to 50 miles an hour. as a result they have been unable to gain ground and containment remains at 50%. the defense in the jerry sandusky molestation case opened today in pennsylvania with character witnesses who defended the reputation of the former penn state coach. the 6 witnesses did little to directly counter the testimony last week by 8 young men who accused sandusky of sexually abusing them when they were children. the judge told jurors the defense has about a day and-a- half left of testimony and deliberations could begin as soon as thursday. a former teacher at clayton middle school has been sentenced 9 years in prison for sex crimes involving a former student and for keeping child pornography on his home and
12:09 am
work computers. 42-year-old andrew cottrell was facing 22 felony charges. today he took a deal pleading guilty to 4 counts of unlawful sex with a minor and other various charges relating to sex crimes against a minor. when he gets out of prison the former math and science teacher will be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life and have no contact with his victim. the family of an oakland bicyclist is suing a web site saying its encourages deadly competition among riders. the father of 41-year-old of women flint they punished his son to rides his bike dangerous ly fast. it's a site where avid cyclists post times for specific routes and compete for prizes. the night before flint died he learned someone had broken his records for the park ride an was trying to gain it back.
12:10 am
>> they cannot dare people to do reckless things in areas that are inherently dangerous. >> they sent ktvu a statement based on the facts involved in the accident and the law there is no merit to this lawsuit. news of the world tonight in cairo the muslim brother candidate last declared victory in egypt's first free presidential election in decades. and many egyptians celebrated in the streets. but how much power mohammed for more say will have is unclear. the rule in military council made changes to the constitution that left the nearly elected president with little authority. in greece it's also unclear who will run the government after the election. two parties who supported international bailouts appear likely to form a coalition but still haven't reached an agreement. it appears greece will continue to use the euro as its currency but uncertainty remains how greece will resolve its massive
12:11 am
debt crisis. in spain striking miners blocked roads in the north by setting tires on fire. their strike is in reaction to spain's own financial crisis and strict austerity measures. unemployment is 25%. they hung an effigy of the prime minister outside a mine. men look park police are looking for whoever blew up three mailboxes last week with large fireworks. the first incident happened wednesday night on san m drive. the next two happened thursday night one on north lemon avenue the other on cotton street. one witness reported seeing teenagers in a new red pickup truck fleeing one of the blasts. it's the world's fastest computer. plus. a big change coming to san francisco's named cliff house as its owner prepares to alter the view dude you don't understand, this is my dad's car. look at the car!
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my dad's gonna kill me dude... [ male announcer ] the security of a 2012 iihs top safety pick. the volkswagen passat. that's the power of german engineering. right now lease the 2012 passat for $209 a month. visit today.
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what's going on on top of the cliff house that will soon reduce its carbon footprint. >> reporter: san francisco's crissy field has them so does the city's new public utilities building wind power is on the men you of the cliff house with a three year pilot program that will replace a 30-foot wind turbine on the observation deck. cliff house's owner says the single turbine will cut $1,000 from his monthly power bill and produce enough juice to power the gift shop. he had to convince the national parks service which owns the lands that the design won't kill birds or wreck the view. >> how can it take any of the view away we made it small enough it's all engaged. >> reporter: officials say turbines are suited for a few
12:15 am
specific sites. >> that's exactly where you want to be looking at wind technology out toward the beach areas where you don't have large obstructs. >> reporter: the cliff house machine brought scrutiny from neighborhood groups. >> the whole agency they particulars of it. what kind of turbine is it is it one with the blades. >> reporter: the design is winning approval from cliff house visitors. >> it doesn't look that bad. >> good idea. i wish more people in san francisco would add them on to their house. >> reporter: the turbine is set to be installed in july. the owner of cliff house says he hopes to put up more turbines if this test is a success. david stevenson ktvu channel 2 news. the effort to stop a new muscular from being painted on a library has worked at least for the time being. work on that new muscular was set to begin last week but the law states the artist or next of kin of the original muscular must be given 90 days notice before it's destroyed. the artist arch williams died
12:16 am
back in 1996. his sister has now been notified and is asserting her rights to that 90-day notice while she and her supporters try and stop the project. the san francisco ethics commission will begin its hearing tomorrow evening on whether suspended sheriff should be removed from office. the commission held preliminary hears earlier this month. he was suspended after pleading to a misdemeanor charge of false imprisonment of his wife involving a new years eve argument. he says the incident shouldn't disqualify him as sheriff. in sacramento lawmakers and the governor are still at odds over changing the state's welfare program. governor brown wants to cut $880 million in cal works the state's welfare to work program. he wants flu tiers of eligibility. but democrats are not willing to do that until the differences are resolved the state budget which passed last week cannot go into effect. bay area scientists have a stunning flu tool declared the world's fastest computer. the super computer called
12:17 am
sequoia is the size of a basketball court. it's at lawrence live march lab used for primarily for weapons research. but one of the scientists says it can do a lot more than that. >> instead of modeling only a piece of human heart we can actually model the entire human heart at near cellular resolution. >> the computer works at a speeds of 16 quadrillion calculations per second. each of it racks uses the power equivalent of a hundred homes. we've had some major cooling around here. temperatures tomorrow going to come up a few degrees then they are going to level off. we'll talk about that in a moment. right now we go out towards the antioch pittsburgh concord area in the east bay we've got winds out of the south southwest up to 13 miles an hour. this is sort of a south southwest winds means it's coming from the south and it's kind of going towards the west or from the west. so south southwest wind. what we're looking at is a lot
12:18 am
of cool moist air moving inland. that takes fire danger right off the table. it doesn't ever go away this time of the year it's about as did as it gets. when you increase humidity to 40 to 50% certainly over what they were in saturday when they was in the single or in the teens. forecast highs warm by 10 degrees. most likely your tuesday will be the warmest day of the week, and as we head into wednesday temperatures going to cool down a little bit. so the forecast as you move through the climate tomorrow mid-70s as you gets towards castro valley and south towards morgan hill area. you see mid 80s. we'll see a couple of low 90s pop up as you get into the far inland locations like fairfield and up towards vacaville you might see a 90-degree reading but most of us tomorrow are going to be replied 70s to mid 80s. except right along the coast where it's going to be cool. right now there's no fog at the coast but the fog is going to return tonight. it will be there for a good part of the day tomorrow with some clearing. major cooling after saturday. temperatures dropped off sunday. they dropped off today and then
12:19 am
on tuesday they are going to come up just a little bit again. they are going to kind of level off. so it was really hot on saturday. temperatures really came down and then they are going to kind of tweak up just a bit. the forecast for fog. we got none off the coast right now. avs we go into tomorrow morning we're going to see a footprint like this a lot of moisture has already pushed inland the winds are injecting moisture and cool air into the inland bay valleys. tomorrow morning mid 50s warmest spots as you get out towards the delta you may go 59 or 60 degrees when you wake up. a nice day tomorrow and warmer than it was today and probably the warmest day of the week. the forecast for temperatures 90 in clear lake. 89 in fairfield. this onshore push of air is very reminiscent of last summer where we had a lot of southwest and westerly winds. in week will be like that. the fire danger not big this week. the air quality is going to be good, and we're not going to have all those typical problems we have with spare the air days and red flag warnings this week it will be a little bit
12:20 am
different than last week and all the warm weather we had. the forecast for the five-day just shows mild weather. that top tier of numbers it peaks out on tuesday and wednesday and then levels off and cools towards the weekend. that's not hot 78, 80 degrees in the warmest spots. >> right in the middle that's flies. >> it will be nice. >> plan was it hot on saturday. >> it was very lot. thank you bill. >> the oakland coliseum will soon be under flu management after weeks of negotiating aeg won approval of a five year contract to operate the oakland coliseum. critics worry the company could try to lure the raiders to other facilitiess it operates on the west coast. still the deal passed on a 7-1 vote. aeg officially takes over on july 1st. touted by city officials as the greenest building in the u. s. san francisco's new public utilities commission building is almost really for use. the 13 story structure cost $201 million and will house more than 900 of the agency's employees. the cost of the building play
12:21 am
seem extravagant but officials say it will more than pay for itself in energy and water savings. lawmakers in sacramento this week will consider whether to give laid off teachers more leeway when it comes to unemployment benefits. state senator nor reason evans offered a bill to add credential preparation or other teacher training programs to the list of benefits under the state's unemployment program. the senate insurance committee is expected to take up that bill on wednesday. giants pitcher matt kane returns to the mounds after his perfect game. but at first an effo
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. alameda county's free summer meals program kicked off today. the county food bank plans to have 130 sites open this summer. no registration is needed and any child who shows up can get a free meal. some sites serve both breakfast and lunch. anyone interested in finding a summer meal can call the alameda county community food bank or just go to its web site. fred is here and i guess the giants ace matt kane on the mounds today. >> yeah. i blame this on the facts he had to do the top 10 on letterman tonight. the giants return to angels stadium it's their first visit since losing the world s in
12:25 am
2002. tonight the angels needed just three pitches to end matt kane's attempt at back-to-back perfect games. the angels let 1-0 after one inning. brian kauffman puts the giants ahead with the first triple of the season. he former giants pitcher jerome williams. brandon bell races to first to make it's a 2-1 game giants. neither team had a 1, 2, 3 inning until the 6th. angels tied in the bottom of the second. mark trumble flying to right that's gone. five inning 6 hits three runs not exactly perfect but giants find some clutch hitting and relief pitching tonight. they led 2 and a fourth when reiner yo had two rbis. jerome williams went to the hospital complaining about breathing issue. the contain gets the 35-3 win. every giants fan went home happy. former receiver r. c. owens passed away at the age of
12:26 am
78. he played with san francisco from 1958 through 61 before going to the colts then the giants. r. c. was called alley-oop because he used to just out leap the defenders. in 61 he caught five touchdownss had more than 1,000 receiving yards. r. c. spent more than 20 years in the 49ers front office. two years ago r. c. owens was elect into the bay area sports hall of fame last fall entered the 49ers hall of fame r. c. owen true gentlemen is survived business his wife susan. ireland they knew they wouldn't make to it the final round but they tried to play spoilers by eliminating italy. there's mario with great athletic. he's a super player but had poor play. he might have silented italy beats ireland 2 nill. italy spain germany portugal
12:27 am
greece check rep advance. he had to wait 37 minutes to see if he was the new u. s. open champion. also got a surprise guest. >> i also got to a slow start but i knew that -- n>> always something to spice matter is up. >> enjoy the jail cell pal. >> thank goodness they cut off alcohol sales. >> todd mcclelland will indeed return next season. >> the guy looked like he should have been at the euro u. s. open. >> or the bird calling contest. >> thank you fred. >> and thank you for joining ktvu channel 2 news we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> ktvu team will be here at 4:30 tomorrow morning we're here for you at and
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